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At our three production facilities in Switzerland, the U.S.A. and China, we produce elevator ropes for the global market. Our products have proven their efficiency in decades of use. Every day, they transport millions of people and millions of tons of goods safely, reliably and comfortably in residential, commercial and in highest buildings on all continents – they are technologically innovative and offer the highest quality and service life.

BRUGG LIFTING opens Competence Center
for the Next Generation of Elevator Ropes

The international producer of elevator ropes headquartered in Switzerland has put a new ultra-modern factory for the production of coated elevator ropes into operation. At the Birr location, the globally unique CTP® (“Coated Transmission Products”) Competence Center for coated elevator ropes was opened.

The market requirements for cost- and energy-optimized elevator systems demand increasingly smaller elevator drive systems. With so-called “hybrid elevator ropes” in flat form (belt drives) or round form (coated ropes), consisting of high-strength tension elements in a flexible plastic matrix, a ground-breaking technology has been established in recent years. To realize the enormous potential of this new technology, the entire product design, industrialization and production processes had to be redefined. A major step forward in this respect was the construction of the CTP® Production and Competence Center, which is equipped with the latest stranding machine technology according to the “one-piece flow” principle.


With the world’s first competence center of this kind, BRUGG confirms its role as the technology leader in the development of products of this technology. As from autumn 2015, CTP® elevator ropes from BRUGG LIFTING will be certified for a traction sheave diameter of 115 mm, which means that the permissible traction sheave diameter was virtually halved in the last four years. Due to the potentials demonstrated in the development, CTP® ropes for traction sheaves with even smaller diameters can be expected already in the next year.

David Frei, Head of the Elevator Rope Business of BRUGG, is positive about the future which he clearly sees in the combination of high-strength wires and plastic. The technology has been used for more than 10 years at BRUGG in the production of customized belts and now also increasingly in coated elevator ropes. The use of this technology is partially protected by patents of elevator manufacturers. When these patents will expire as from 2018, the technology becomes accessible, which will enforce an enormous change of technology in the industry towards coated drive elements. 

Today, there are already more than 30 elevator companies which install plastic coated ropes from BRUGG LIFTING in their systems. Moreover in 2016, one of the largest Chinese elevator manufacturers will join by installing the CTP® 6.5 mm from BRUGG in its new elevator models for the first time.

For the near future, however, BRUGG LIFTING just looks forward to seeing many visitors from elevator manufacturers at the new factory. All elevator manufacturers who want to understand more of the CTP® technology are always welcome to Birr for a factory tour or for an informal exchange of ideas.

We will meet at the Interlift 2015.

Brugg Lifting gladly invites you to visit us at the
Interlift from 13. to 16. October in Augsburg Germany.

The identification of industry trends is one of Brugg Lifting's core strengths. From our Ultra Modern CTP® (Coated Transmission Products) competence centre in Birr Switzerland, our industry leading engineering team have been developing products to meet the trend for more compact elevators, smaller drives with smaller traction sheaves. 

Since launching the range of CTP® (Coated Transmission Products) ropes in 2011, Brugg has continued to expand our product portfolio. This year at Interlift 2015 we proudly present our latest addition to the CTP range with the presentation of our brand new ultra compact coated elevator rope CTP® 6.5mm. 

Convince yourself of the performance of our product range. So come and visit us at Hall 5 at Stand 5225.

We look forward to seeing you.

Best regards
Your Brugg Lifting Team

Coated Elevator Ropes CTP®.
We train you.

Developed as a world first, Brugg Lifting‘s CTP® range unites modern technical innovations into a world-class elevator rope product. CTP® enables you to reduce your costs, by dramatically reducing the size of your elevator drive system while at the same time extending your elevator service life.

Interested in learning more? Take part in our one-day, freebriefing seminar for elevator manufacturers.
The training will be carried out in English.

Date: September 17 th or November 19th 2015
Venue: Brugg Lifting, Wydenstrasse 36, CH-5242 Birr

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Lubrication and Elevator Ropes:
Myths, Half Truths and Mistruths

An examination of a key component to rope life and rope performance.
by Martin Rhiner and Heinz Studiger

Published in Elevator World . Issue Juni 2015

There is an old saying that bears repeating when discussing elevator rope lubrication: “It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so.” This is doubly true for professionals concerning the topic of rope lubrication. Over the years, it appears that a large amount of erroneous (and, in some cases, simply untrue) information has been disseminated and taken at face value. Why should professionals be concerned? Because these “myths” can lead to severely shortened hoist-rope life and diminished system performance.

pdficon download publication (550 KB)