Brugg Lifting

Project Won: Marina One Singapore

来自Brugg 电梯钢绳喜讯:迅达电梯配置Brugg电梯钢丝绳赢得了新加坡知名住宅项目Marine One的电梯标段,为此我们感到非常自豪。

这项设计超前的建筑来自著名的设计公司Ingenhoven Architects,它们以可持续设计风格闻名业界。


Elevator Rope Training held at Brugg Lifting Birr

Brugg Lifting held an annual training course in elevator ropes for our customers on Tuesday the 10.04.2018 in Birr. Brugg Lifting held an annual training course in elevator ropes for our customers on Tuesday the 10.04.2018 in Birr. 

The maintenance engineers from Lift AG, Haslimann Elevators, Norm AG and Emch AG were given a refresher course on the usage of Brugg Lifting products and given a tour of our ropes manufacturing facility including our state of the art coated ropes competence center. These training courses also offer a great opportunity for exchanging field experiences.

If you are also interested in arranging a training course at Brugg Lifting please contact your local representative using the links below


Project Won: Kuala Lumpur Eco City

Brugg Lifting has won another prestigious project in the far east, which will be using our world class HRS rope. Brugg Lifting has won another prestigious project in the far east, which will be using our world class HRS rope. The Kuala Lumpur Eco City project in Malaysia will have over 10km of HRS fitted in 10 elevators. Our ropes were chosen because of their best in class performance in high rise elevators.  The elevators will be supplied by Schindler. For more information on the project see the video below.

Project Won: Tak Long Estate Hong Kong

布鲁格电梯钢丝绳在高速电梯上的专业解决方案一如既往的得到行业内的认可。本周又将有超过20公里的DP9半钢芯钢丝绳应用在香港Tak Long Residential Estate项目上。

Tak Long Estate项目由9栋住宅楼组成,为19,000名业主提供约8200套公寓。Tak Long Estate同时还为居民配套了Ching Long购物中心。每栋建筑都有40层楼高,这里的电梯每天都要承受来自19,000 名住户的极高的使用频率。


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Brugg Lifting’s Hong Kong Distributor


Brugg Lifting扩大裹塑钢丝绳(CTP)的生产规模。



加拿大丰业银行大厦使用Brugg HRS 19mm全钢芯钢丝绳,发运在即。

本周布鲁格钢绳为多伦多丰业银行广场发运超过100,000米的HRS 19mm全钢芯钢丝绳。迅达电梯赢得了此项目的电梯工程 ,所有高速电梯全都配置布鲁格的HRS 19mm全钢芯钢丝绳。感谢布鲁格钢绳北美事业部同事和布鲁格钢绳瑞士工厂同事的全力支持!本周内会完成该项目的切割发货。我们非常自豪我们的产品能为这样的高端项目提供解决方案!

布鲁格钢绳参展印度电梯展 IEE Expo

本周布鲁格钢绳参与了在孟买举办的第七届印度电、扶梯展。印度是亚洲经济增长的关键地区。大批的高楼在城市化进程中不断地涌现。随着2019电梯标准的改变,印度的很多电梯厂家正在积极寻求开发包覆层曳引技术。布鲁格钢绳作为电梯曳引媒介的技术引导者早已做好准备, 很多建筑项目的钢丝绳都由Brugg提供,其中也包括孟买当地的知名项目-Oberoi Esquire Towers。


布鲁格钢绳携手蒂森克虏伯电梯共同完成坐落于湖北省会城市武汉的商业项目,武汉也是中国中部地区人口最密集的城市。此项目位于武汉的城市商务中心,布鲁格为蒂森克虏伯电梯提供40台高速梯的钢丝绳。这40台电梯全部使用布鲁格生产的SCX9 13mm全钢芯钢丝绳。


布鲁格钢绳为我们的合作伙伴迅达电梯重庆来福士项目提供HRS 13mm全钢芯钢丝绳。此项目目前正在建设中,我们将为其高速电梯提供全钢芯钢丝绳。


布鲁格钢绳将为阿塞拜疆白城项目一期提供HRS 16mm全钢芯钢丝绳,钢丝绳长度达到242米。布鲁格钢绳正以高弹性模量低延伸率等优越的性能表现受到越来越多整梯厂商的青睐


天空塔是一座位于澳大利亚布里斯班270米高的住宅大楼。此大楼建成后将成为布里斯班最高的建筑。布鲁格钢绳将为此项目中的3台迅达高速梯提供HRS 13mm全钢芯钢丝绳。


布鲁格钢绳HRS 16mm全钢芯配置在蒂森克虏伯高端电梯上服务于日内瓦劳力士世界工厂中心;此次,布鲁格提供的是3台高速梯钢丝绳。感谢布鲁格钢绳埃库布朗团队的卓越贡献!

BRUGG LIFTING makes elevator technology alive – 
with Virtual Reality at Interlift 2017

With 21,260 visitors from 114 nations in the Augsburg exhibition halls, the Interlift 2017 trade fair could set a new record. For comparison: Two years ago, there were 20,440 visitors at the world’s leading trade fair of the elevator industry. From October 15 to 18, 574 exhibitors presented the innovations of the industry on a record exhibition area of 44,000 sqm.

His year, the visitors at the booth of BRUGG LIFTING could experience a special highlight: The high-quality ropes were presented live in use – due to 360° virtual reality, the visitors could take an elevator ride in the world’s highest outdoor elevator, i.e. the 326 m high Bailong elevator installed in Wulingyan (China). A second highlight was the virtual ride in the Hammetschwand elevator installed in Lucerne, which is Europe’s highest outdoor elevator. Using virtual-reality glasses, the visitors at the booth took spectacular rides – and this way they could also experience the quality of the Brugg ropes, which are used in these two elevators. Both virtual-reality events attracted many interested visitors at the booth. But it was not only the virtual-reality events that were very well received, but also the attractive open design of the booth that contributed to the successful performance of BRUGG LIFTING at the trade fair – which generated numerous new and especially international contacts.

“Our high-quality products are in use all over the world – which we could also impressively present due to virtual reality by the example of the Bailong elevator”, said Hubert Baumert from BRUGG LIFTING. “We will continue to focus on innovative forms of presentation for our products in the next years inspiring our customers again and against."

Brugg Lifting provides unique technologically advanced solutions for our customers, from our range of CTP® (Coated Transmission Products) ropes for ultra compact elevators, through to our high speed ropes that can fulfil the most demanding high rise requirements.

This year to showcase our expertise , we offer a 360 degree Virtual Reality experience at our booth, allowing one to ride on top of stunning high rise outdoor elevators where our ropes have been applied.




随着世界上第一个裹塑钢丝绳生产中心的建立,BRUGG确定了其在这项技术发展中的领导者的角色。预计2015年秋, 布鲁格CTP®钢丝绳将取得应用在直径为115mm的曳引轮上的认证,这就意味着经过四年努力,曳引轮直径减半的设想成真。根据布鲁格在裹塑钢丝绳上的进一步研发结果显示,CTP钢丝绳在更小直径的曳引轮上的应用已经可以被预期在明年完成。

David Frei, 布鲁格电梯钢丝绳事业部的领头人,他清晰地遇见了裹塑钢丝产品的未来市场,并对这类产品很有信心。这项技术已经在布鲁格钢带的生产上运用了超过10年,并且现在也将越来越多的运用在裹塑电梯钢丝绳的生产上。这项技术的应用被电梯厂家的专利局部保护。当此专利在2018年到期后,这项技术将可以被使用,并将在行业中掀起巨大的技术变革。


在不久的将来, 布鲁格钢绳期待更多电梯生产厂商到CTP®新工厂参观。我们将欢迎那些希望了解更多CTP技术的电梯生产厂商到瑞士比尔生产中心参观和交流。




这些人事调整反应了布鲁格钢绳部在全球战略部署中对中国市场的重视 程度。




深圳市永杰兴茂五金制品有限公司 正式成为 布鲁格钢绳(苏州)有限公司 在深圳地区的代理商.

深圳市永杰兴茂五金制品有限公司2010年 5月在深圳工商管理局注册登记成立,是一家在钢丝绳贸易行业拥有良好口碑的公司。2014年的九月一日起,该公司正式成为布鲁格电梯钢丝绳在中国深圳地区的指定分销合作伙伴。在此我们欢迎永杰兴茂的加入,同时也祝双方合作一帆风顺!

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