Brugg Lifting

Brugg Lifting. Service at its finest.

We offer a wide range of services relating to our products; these services are continuously optimized by us to ensure that you will always get the best service.


We ship all over Switzerland free house or accessible construction site.

Emergency service

You can reach us 7 days / 24 hours.
We bill a flat-rate surcharge of CHF 100.– per event, if the provision or supply of material is required outside our business hours.

Express services

In case of unplanned requirements we provide the materials ex works within the hour or deliver unit weights of < 1,500 kg directly to the construction site. With an invoice amount greater > CHF 3,000.– (EUR 2,308.–)we deliver carriage paid; otherwise at a flat rate of CHF 200.– (EUR 154.–) per transport, which approximately corresponds to the average expenditure.

Advice with a guarantee

You will get professional advice; that means: in case of malfunctions we will replace the parts at no cost.

Range of products

We offer a full and broad range of products which enables us to deliver the products you need for your applications. This variety allows for combinations that are not listed in our catalog. Just contact us!

Customer requirements

We manufacture wire ropes, we mount chain suspensions, and we sew straps according to your specifications and requirements.
If you need a product not existing (yet) in our range, we will seek to procure it for you, or we suggest a customized solution.

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