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Product Information

pdficon Main Catalog - EN (6 MB)
pdficon CTP Catalog - Coated Traction Products - EN (2 MB)

The elevator rope coated with polymer plastic stands out due to lower investment and maintenance costs, significant weight reduction, above-average durability and longer maintenance intervals.

pdficon HRS - Parallel Closing - DE/EN (532 KB)

Where outstanding qualities regarding service-time, elongation, running characteristics and comfort are in demand, we have the appropriate answer.

pdficon SCX9 - Elevator Rope - DE/EN (538 KB)
SCX9 – the new full steel elevator ropes combines the advantages of the parallel-lay elevator rope, which are lower elongation, above-average breaking strength and service life, with the advantages of the standard-lay elevator rope, which are robustness and ease of installation.

pdficon TSR - Traction Sheave Rope - DE/EN (592 KB)

The tractions sheave rope TSR has been especially developed to fulfill the changing requirements of lift-constructors towards traction sheaves with smaller diameters. TSR thus opens up new possibilities for space-saving elevator drive concepts.

pdficon RLE - Rope Load Equalizer - DE/EN (1.1 MB)

The industry’s first comprehensive way to perform hoist rope tension equalizations accurately, easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

pdficon RPM - Rope Performance Measurement Device - DE/EN (769 KB)

Quickly, easy and precise – the RPM device facilitates the control of the rope tension during assembly, inspection and maintenance of elevators and event installations. Designed specifically for hoisting and rigging experts, the rope tension or the load and diameters of hoisting or rigging ropes can now be determined in only one single measuring operation.

pdficon 8x19 - A proven construction that really pays off! - DE/EN (556 KB)
This rope type is the traction sheave rope type most frequently applied worldwide for the low-rise and lower mid-rise area. It stands out due to good fatigue properties, excellent elongation values and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Technical Papers

pdficon Sheave Groove on Ropes - EN (7,2 MB)
The impact of worn shaeve groove on rope life expectancy.

pdficon Constructional Strech and Hoist-Rope Tension - EN (700 KB)

pdficon Continuing Education - Understanding - EN (9,6 MB)
Understanding traction hoist ropes in today's elevator installations.

pdficon Continuing Education - Moisture - EN (480 KB)
Why it only takes a little moisture to destory elevator ropes.

pdficon Continuing Education - Maximizing Performance - EN (1,4 MB)
Maximizing performance of ropes in existing and "improved" high-demand installations.

pdficon High Performance Ropes - EN (6,5 MB)
High performance ropes made to satisfy the needs of todays elevator systems.

pdficon Moisture - EN (3,4 MB)
It takes far less moisture than you'd suppose to drown an elevator rope.

pdficon Rope Handling - EN (6,4 MB)
Rope handling & care details.

pdficon Rope Life - EN (4,5 MB)
Time for less theory and more practical info on how to
improve rope performance in today's elevator systems.

Application Tips

pdficon Ropes general DE/EN (279 KB)

Important notes on the handling of elevator ropes.

pdficon CTP - Coated Traction Products - DE/EN (580 KB)

Instructions for use

pdficon GDC - Groove Depth Comparator - Manual - EN (1,3 MB)
pdficon RLE - Rope Load Equalizer - Manual - EN (8,3 MB)
pdficon RPM - Manual - DE/EN (33 KB)


pdficon CTP 8.1 certificate - EN (500 KB)
pdficon CTP 6.5 certificate - EN (500 KB)
pdficon TSR certificate - EN (1,3 MB)



pdficon SQS - ISO 9001:2008 - en-CH (138 KB)
pdficon SQS - ISO 9001:2008 - en-US (79 KB)

pdficon IQNet - ISO 9001:2008 - en-CH (297 KB)
pdficon IQNet - ISO 9001:2008 - en-CN (1,1 MB)

pdficon CQM - ISO 9001:2008 - cn-CN (1,1 MB)

pdficon Type-Testing Fatigue-Test - EN (381 KB)
pdficon Type-Testing Tensile-Efficiency-Test - EN (339 KB)


Environmental Protection

pdficon Environmental Policy - EN (53 KB)


pdficon Annual report 2017 - DE/EN (5,2 MB)
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